There are many reasons a woman may want to undergo cosmetic vaginal surgery, whether for medical, personal comfort, or even self-confidence purposes. No matter the specific rationale, a Wilton cosmetic vaginal surgeon could work with you to turn back the years, restoring your vagina’s health and giving your most intimate areas the look you desire. Schedule an appointment with a qualified gynecologist who could listen to your concerns and help meet your individual needs.

Types of Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery

There are various types of cosmetic vaginal surgery that a qualified cosmetic vaginal surgeon in Wilton could help with, each of which focuses on different areas of the vagina. Some women may want to have more than one surgery performed to improve their appearance and sex lives.


Also known as vaginal rejuvenation, this procedure tightens a slack vagina so that sex becomes more pleasurable. It can also aid women suffering from mild urinary incontinence and help repair congenital vaginal defects.


The labia, also known as the vulvar lips, consist of the labia minora and the labia majora. Large labia can make sex painful and may cause discomfort during exercise. A labiaplasty consists of removing excess tissue or taking off a wedge-shaped piece of tissue, resulting in a more symmetrical, attractive look.


This surgery can repair scar tissue, bulging, and extra skin between the vagina and anus. It is often done along with a vaginoplasty. Women who experienced a difficult delivery and required an episiotomy during childbirth are the most common candidates for perineoplasty, but the procedure can also repair physical defects in the area that did not result from childbearing.

Clitoral hood reduction

Generally done in conjunction with a labiaplasty, this procedure improves the vulva’s symmetry when the labia are reduced in size.

Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery Recuperation

Women may require prescription pain medication for the first few days after surgery, but most can switch to over-the-counter pain relievers relatively soon. Expect to take at least a week off from work after undergoing cosmetic vaginal surgery. It takes about a month before a woman can resume all normal activities, with one important exception: vaginal sexual intercourse. It takes at least six weeks for the vulva to heal after surgery, and a cosmetic vaginal surgeon in Wilton would inform a patient when she can resume relations.

In addition to sexual abstention, women cannot use tampons or other materials in the vagina during menstruation until healing is complete, which means menstrual pads only during the recovery process. For the first week after surgery, patients should also not immerse the body in water, whether through bathing or swimming.

Side Effects and Contraindications

As with any surgical procedure, there is a risk of side effects or complications with cosmetic vaginal surgery such as infection, hemorrhage, or scarring. Nerve damage is a rare but possible occurrence.

Women should wait until their childbearing is complete before undergoing cosmetic vaginal surgery. The surgery itself does not affect reproduction, but a vaginal birth would loosen the vagina again and necessitate a repeat procedure for vaginal tightening. Women who are pregnant or suspect they are pregnant should not undergo cosmetic vaginal surgery until after childbirth.

Work with a Wilton Cosmetic Vaginal Surgeon

If you would like more information about cosmetic vaginal surgery, call today and arrange a consultation with Dr. Edward Jacobson. The Wilton cosmetic vaginal surgeon could explain each procedure and help you make a decision regarding the best surgery for your needs.