Everyone expects their hormones to fluctuate during certain times, such as during menopause and andropause. Additionally, hormone imbalances could be due to some medical conditions and medical treatments, such as hysterectomy surgery or chemotherapy. In either case, since hormones are critical for managing several body functions, the effects could be substantially disrupting to your everyday life.

However, instead of accepting the changes, you can effectively balance your hormone levels and minimize physical and mental symptoms with Texas hormone replacement therapy. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can be administered in several ways and requires testing beforehand to determine the proper hormone types and doses. Call our Texas office to schedule a consultation to discuss your medical history, symptoms, and treatment options with Dr. Edward Jacobson.

Reasons to Get HRT in Texas

There are many different indicators of a hormonal imbalance causing physical or psychological disruptions, such as depression and anxiety symptoms worsening. In many cases, significant hormone imbalances occur during an individual’s 40s and 50s, which are the typical age ranges for menopause and andropause. In addition, some medical conditions and treatments could affect your hormone levels, including chemotherapy, diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, and thyroid disorders.

Therefore, men and women experiencing typical menopause and andropause symptoms should consider undergoing hormone replacement treatment in Texas. Furthermore, you may want to consider hormone therapy if you are experiencing changes in your appetite, mood, sex drive, and sexual functioning. However, HRT does pose some health risks to patients with particular medical issues, so discussing your eligibility for hormone replacement therapy is necessary to begin treatment in Texas.

Restore Your Physical and Mental Health with Hormone Replacement Therapy

HRT administers hormones to replenish those that have decreased over time or suddenly. Hormone replacement therapy patients in Texas may choose from patches, pills, pellets, injections, and topical creams to correct hormonal imbalances. While the creams, patches, and pills require you to take them daily, they are less invasive and easier to adjust than injections and pellets.

Specifically, you may receive hormone injections every two to 10 weeks or have pellets implanted beneath the skin with a minor incision every three to four months. With any method for delivering hormones to the bloodstream, patients typically notice physical and psychological improvements after a couple weeks.

Schedule a Hormone Replacement Treatment Consultation in Texas

Despite hormone levels fluctuating for every individual as they get older, the symptoms could vary drastically from person to person. Fortunately, Texas hormone replacement therapy takes a comprehensive approach to assessing and balancing your hormone levels to get you feeling back to normal within a few weeks. While most patients continue treatment indefinitely to combat other medical conditions or aging, the treatment process is non-invasive and individualized to meet your unique needs.

The first step to getting HRT in Texas is undergoing tests and bloodwork to determine and diagnose your specific hormone imbalances. Afterwards, ongoing treatment may be adjusted when necessary, and you may switch between hormone administration methods. For more details on HRT in Texas, contact our office for an in-depth consultation with Dr. Jacobson.