Age takes its toll on every part of the body. A woman who has not given birth vaginally may lose tone in her vagina over time, but the problem may be especially exacerbated for mothers. A loose vagina means there is less friction during intercourse, which makes sex less satisfying for both parties and may affect the woman’s ability to achieve an orgasm. If you would like to improve the appearance of your vagina and undergo tightening to enhance sexual pleasure, a vaginoplasty may achieve your goal. A New Canaan vaginoplasty surgeon could restore your vagina to the way it was before babies and/or the passage of time. Contact a dedicated surgeon to begin discussing your potential medical options.

Vaginoplasty Procedure

A vaginoplasty, also known as posterior colporrhaphy, takes between one and two hours to perform and is done under general anesthesia. The surgeon tightens the muscles along the pelvic floor while removing excess tissue or scars. This not only tightens the vagina but reduces its overall diameter as well, thereby increasing friction during sex.

If the patient desires, a surgeon can combine a vaginoplasty with other vaginal rejuvenation procedures. Labiaplasty, for example, reduces the size of the vulvar lips—or labia—and makes them more aesthetically appealing.

A clitoral hood reduction is often performed in conjunction with a labiaplasty to make the vulva more aesthetically appealing. This operation removes excess tissue from the clitoral hood above the clitoris. Finally, a perineoplasty strengthens the area between the anus and vagina and is often performed on women who were given episiotomies during delivery that did not heal as well as expected.

Vaginoplasty Recovery Process

While many women decide to undergo vaginoplasty to improve their sexual satisfaction, they must wait at least six weeks after the surgery to have vaginal intercourse. During the recuperation period, women cannot use a tampon during their menses or place any other objects in the vagina. Once healing concludes, the doctor may recommend dilators to widen the vagina so that initial intercourse is more comfortable.

Patients should plan to take a week off work to recuperate but expect to wait at least three weeks post-surgery before engaging in strenuous exercise or physical activities. They should expect some swelling and bruising which will subside with time and may respond to ice therapy and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain medications.

Women must avoid bathing, swimming, using a hot tub, or any other full-body water immersion until cleared by their doctor. This generally means no immersion for three to four weeks. Usually, showers may resume within a few days after surgery. Someone interested in pursuing a vaginoplasty procedure could benefit from consulting with an experienced New Canaan vaginoplasty surgeon.

Side Effects and Contraindications of Vaginoplasty

Most women go through vaginoplasty without issue, but as with any surgery, there is always the possibility of side effects or complications. A patient experiencing excessive bleeding, infection, or a hematoma should contact their doctor immediately.

While some vaginal discharge is expected, a foul-smelling discharge is not normal and requires medical attention. Pregnant women should not undergo vaginoplasty under any circumstances.

How a Vaginoplasty Surgeon in New Canaan Could Help

If you do not like the appearance of your vagina, or if vaginal laxity is affecting your sexual satisfaction, call Dr. Edward Jacobson today to arrange a consultation.

A New Canaan vaginoplasty surgeon could explain the procedure to you, along with other vaginal rejuvenation procedures you may find of interest. With all your medical questions answered, you could make a more informed decision about electing to go through with this procedure or others.