Sexual pleasure is an important part of your life, but it is possible that the formation of your genitals is preventing you from experiencing true satisfaction. In some women, the clitoral hood can interfere with sexual sensations because it is too large. Other women may not like the appearance of a large clitoral hood.

Regardless of your specific rationale, there is professional help available if you would like to look like surgical intervention regarding your clitoral hood. A New Canaan clitoral hood reduction surgeon could make your vulva more aesthetically appealing and increase your levels of sexual satisfaction.

The Clitoral Hood

The flap of skin above the labia is known as the clitoral hood. It protects the clitoris and is somewhat analogous to the foreskin in males. The clitoris is located between the labia majora and labia minora, otherwise known as the vulvar lips. During sexual arousal, the clitoral hood retracts, while the clitoris itself enlarges.

In some women, the clitoral hood is overly large and does not retract as much as it should for a woman to experience sexual pleasure. An overly large clitoral hood may also protrude through clothing. In rare cases, a congenital abnormality causes the clitoral hood to appear malformed, and surgery can correct that.

It is not uncommon for women to suffer from clitoral adhesions, which result from a buildup of dead skin cells, sebum, and bacteria. These adhesions not only affect a woman’s sex life, but can become painful. A New Canaan clitoral hood reduction surgeon could address issues like these as well.

Clitoral Hood Reduction Procedure

A clitoral hood reduction, also known as a hoodectomy or reduction of excess prepuce, removes the excess tissue in the clitoral hood, allowing a woman to experience more pleasure during intercourse. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and takes approximately 45 minutes.

A New Canaan clitoral hood reduction surgeon makes two incisions on either side of the clitoral hood, uses a laser to reduce the tissues, and then sews the incisions back up. Because dissolvable sutures are used, there is no need to have the sutures removed manually.

Any scarring is virtually invisible, as they blend into the labia’s natural shape. The clitoris is full of nerves allowing for sexual pleasure, but these nerves are not touched during the surgery.

Clitoral Hood Reduction Recovery

Since many women choose to have additional cosmetic genital surgery performed at the same time as a clitoral hood reduction, the recovery period may last for six weeks or more. During this time, women should not engage in vaginal intercourse.

The clitoral hood procedure itself is typically not painful, and women who receive only this surgery can usually return to work and normal activities within a few days. However, patients should not engage in strenuous exercise for a few weeks.

Over-the-counter pain medication should relief any discomfort for the first day or so after the procedure, along with the use of an ice pack.  If a patient has another surgery in addition to clitoral hood reduction, the doctor will go over what is necessary during the recovery process. Once healed, a woman should feel more sensation in her clitoris.

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When dealing with an area as sensitive as the clitoris, it is essential that you choose a New Canaan clitoral hood reduction surgeon who has performed many of these operations. Get in touch with Dr. Jacobson today to see what a practiced and professional surgeon could do to help you.