Nowadays, women want to look as healthy and attractive as possible, and that extends to every part of their bodies. Perhaps you have already dabbled in other cosmetic procedures, such as liposuction or breast augmentation. You could be able to restore your most intimate areas, which may have become loose and unattractive due to childbearing or the effects of aging.

Cosmetic vaginal procedures in New Canaan allow a woman to feel more self-confident about the appearance of her genitalia and/or vaginal tightness. An experienced gynecologist could help you understand the entire process and how you may benefit from vaginal and other rejuvenation procedures.

What Are Different Cosmetic Vaginal Procedures?

While there is an array of cosmetic vaginal procedures, some apply primarily to women suffering from genital deformities. Some of the most common elective cosmetic vaginal surgeries include vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, and clitoral hood reduction.

Vaginoplasty aims to tighten the vagina, resulting in a better sexual experience for the woman and her partner. Tightening the vagina involves moving muscles closer together and removing damaged areas of the vaginal canal lining. Often done in conjunction with labiaplasty, a clitoral hood reduction operation balances out the changed appearance of the genitals. Patients with an enlarged clitoral hood usually want such a surgery to accompany labiaplasty in order to improve aesthetic appearance.

What is the Purpose of a Labiaplasty?

A labiaplasty reduces the size of the labia minora so that the labia minora no longer falls beneath the labia majora. Not only does this improve the aesthetic appearance of the genitalia, but many women opt for a labiaplasty for practical purposes. Overly long labia may hang out of bathing suits, or produce the notorious “camel toe” in tight clothing. Women with long labia may experience pain and irritation during sex, and while riding bicycles or horses.

Anatomy of Female Genitalia

To understand cosmetic vaginal procedures in New Canaan, it is important to understand the anatomy of female genitalia. The labia, also known as the vulvar lips, consist of the labia majora and the labia minora. These are the inner and outer lips. In the center of the upper part of the vulva lies the clitoral hood, or prepuce, which covers the clitoris. Beneath the clitoris is the opening of the urethra, where urine leaves the body, and beneath the urethra lies the vagina.

Cosmetic Vaginal Procedures Recovery Process

Women must refrain from vaginal sex for at least six weeks after undergoing vaginal procedures. The doctor must examine the patient and give the go-ahead before any sexual activity can resume. The patient cannot use tampons or menstrual cups during her menstrual period until their doctor approves it. Overall, nothing should go into the vagina during that six-week recuperation period.

After surgery, women should refrain from bathing, swimming, or otherwise immersing their vagina in water for a couple of weeks. Instead, she should take quick, warm showers for cleanliness. Expect to take a week off work while recuperating from a cosmetic vaginal procedure.

Most women have no issues with cosmetic vaginal procedures, but as with any surgery, there is always a risk of infection, bleeding, or excessive swelling. Women should call the doctor immediately if they experience any of these symptoms or run a high fever. A cosmetic vaginal procedure may change your life for the better. Contact a compassionate gynecologist to find out more about cosmetic vaginal procedures in New Canaan.