Tightening and hydration are essential for a vibrant, radiant complexion. Collagen bar treatments in New Canaan offer tightening, hydration, and much more. It not only helps you look better, but makes you feel better, too. Learn how this cutting-edge therapy can improve your complexion and life by visiting a collagen bar doctor.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, found not only in the skin, but in blood vessels, muscles, joints, tendons, bones, and the digestive system.

Collagen is essentially the glue holding our bodies together. After age 30, males and females start to lose roughly one percent of their collagen annually. The loss of collagen corresponds to the beginning of visible aging.

How To Obtain New Canaan Collagen Bar Treatments

If a patient has tried over-the-counter collagen therapy with no results, there is a reason for that. The collagen molecule is very large, and cannot penetrate the skin’s surface. Meaning over-the-counter collagen products are often a waste of money.

With collagen bar therapy, doctors use an FDA-approved collagen serum made-to-order for the practice. It is the only collagen product approved for safe intradermal use. A doctor puts D More Collagen Serum™ onto the skin, followed by a Dermoelectoporation® (DEP) machine.

Related Skin Benefits

The use of this machine changes the skin’s electrical polarity, allowing the skin’s water channels to open and admit the large collagen molecules. Besides collagen, the process also infuses hyaluronic acid and vitamin C beneath the skin for added moisture.

The process does not hurt, and patients experience no downtime. There is also no swelling or redness involved, so it is not necessary to use makeup or other cover-ups after a treatment session. Patients receive daily D More Serum to use at home for maximum results.

Reasons To Seek Collagen Bar Therapy

As people age, collagen production diminishes. This causes lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and sagging skin. Collagen bar therapy can rejuvenate skin through FDA-approved advanced technologies. While complete treatments require several sessions over a period of approximately six weeks, patients often notice a difference after their initial treatment. That is a big difference between collagen bar therapy and other common skin rejuvenation therapy procedures, where patients may have to wait weeks for proof of results. Patients often see an immediate difference following their collagen bar treatments in New Canaan.

Benefits of Collagen Bar Therapy in New Canaan

For women, collagen bar treatments are especially beneficial. Collagen levels start to plummet around menopause. With collagen bar therapy, women can restore volume to sunken areas of the face, reduce lines and wrinkles, and experience tighter, more youthful skin. Collagen bar therapy can also reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

Women taking bioidentical hormone replacement therapy – which restores estrogen through hormones – may find even more benefits when using complementary collagen bar therapy. If you are looking to regain your youthful skin, speak with a New Canaan collagen bar therapy doctor.