If you are self-conscious about the size and appearance of your labia, a labiaplasty can restore your self-esteem and even improve your sex life. Enlarged, or hypertrophic, labia can cause pain during intercourse.

Clothing can irritate too large labia, or the labia can fall out of bathing suits, causing embarrassment. Bicycling or horseback riding may prove uncomfortable if the labia are too big. If “camel toe” is an issue for you, labiaplasty offers a cure.

A Manhattan labiaplasty surgeon will explain the entire process to you beforehand so you can make an informed decision about this minimally invasive surgery. Contact a skilled surgeon today to schedule your first appointment.

The Labia

The labia, also known as the vulvar lips, consist of the larger labia majora and the smaller labia minora. These lips protect the other parts of the female genitalia. The labia majora contains hair after puberty. While the labia majora is covered in skin, the labia minora has a mucous membrane lining.

Women are either born with enlarged labia, or the labia become larger after childbirth or as part of the aging process. Significant weight loss can also result in enlarged labia.


Labiaplasty surgery takes between one to two hours to complete. Patients may choose between local and general anesthesia.

The goal of labiaplasty is reduction of the labia minora so it no longer hangs beneath the labia majora. Most women opt for the trim procedure, in which excess tissue is removed and the incision sewn up.

Another option, the wedge procedure, involves removing a triangular piece of tissue. With the wedge, the natural border is retained. Healing may take longer with the wedge than trim procedure. With either choice, the end result is a neat labia pleasing in appearance.

Labiaplasty Risks

Labiaplasty is a relatively safe procedure, but any surgery has risks.  A small percentage of patients may experience infection, bleeding, or the formation of a hematoma after surgery. Patients should call the doctor immediately if they experience any of these complications, or if they spike a fever.

Recovery Actions

Certain precautions are necessary when recovering from labiaplasty. Most women may return to work within several days of the procedure, but complete recovery may take a few months. Expect some swelling and minor discomfort for a few days following the operation.

A small amount of spotting is normal, but call the doctor if continuous bleeding occurs. Icing can reduce swelling in those initial days.

Place antibiotic ointment on the incisions for a week or so after surgery and take over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen or naproxen for pain relief. Women must use feminine napkins rather than tampons or cups during their periods while recuperating. Nothing must enter the vagina.

Other precautions include:

  • Avoiding tight clothing for two weeks post-surgery
  • Wearing loose cotton underwear until healing takes place
  • No strenuous exercise for at least one month. Walking and light exercise is fine, and encouraged.
  • No bathing or swimming until the surgeon gives permission. Take quick showers for cleansing.

As part of labiaplasty recovery, patients must also refrain from vaginal intercourse for at least six weeks. The surgeon will inform you when it is safe to engage in intercourse once again.

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