As women age and enter menopause, estrogen production declines. This loss of estrogen also means the body produces less collagen, a loss that is reflected in the skin.

Collagen, the body’s most abundant protein, gives skins its elasticity. It is the lack of collagen that results in wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, and excessive drying experienced by so many menopausal women.

Collagen bar therapy in Manhattan can turn back the clock and restore collagen to your body and complexion. A collagen bar doctor can help you feel and look young once more.

How Collagen Bar Therapy Can Help

In addition to smoothing and reducing facial lines and wrinkles, collagen bar therapy can eradicate scars and add volume to sunken areas. It is especially useful for eliminating old acne scars and the depressions formed by deep pitted acne. It is state-of-the-art skincare at its finest.

Collagen bar therapy in Manhattan can repair the appearance of sun-damaged skin. The tightening effect of collagen gives skin a firmness patients may have thought was gone for good.

Collagenizer and Radiofrequency Stimulation

Collagen bar practice in Manhattan makes use of the Collagenizer, which allows large molecules like collagen to penetrate the skin’s surface – something that does not work with over-the-counter, topically applied collagen.

D More Collagen Serum, an FDA-approved pharmaceutical grade serum, is what is used, with the highest amount of bovine collagen available. Through electordermatoporation, also known as DEP therapy, collagen is delivered to the skin by tiny electrical currents.

The serum is applied to the skin, allowing water channels on the surface to open. The collagen molecule can then enter, accompanied by a vitamin C and hyaluronic acid solution to aid in keeping the skin plumped and moisturized. It is a relatively quick and painless process, with no downtime or significant side effects.

After using the Collagenizer, patients proceed to a Forma radiofrequency stimulation session. With this painless therapy, new collagen formation is stimulated, but our advanced Forma technology ensures the skin is never in danger of overheating.

Radiofrequency stimulation is most often used on the upper and lower eyelids, jowls, neck, and upper lip. It is especially effective for treating crow’s feet and other lines in the sensitive eye area.

After treatment, patients can continue their collagen bar therapy at home by using the D More Collagen Serum topically along with Vitamin C Whitening Cream.

Most patients want collagen bar therapy on their faces, but the process is useful for reducing the signs of aging anywhere on the body. Patients see results after just one session.

Collagen Complementation

Collagen bar therapy usually lasts about six weeks, with once-weekly sessions. Once completed, expect the results to last 12 months or longer. Collagen bar therapy complements bioidentical hormone replacement nicely – women using the latter experience even better results from collagen bar treatment. Add dermal skin fillers, such as Botox or Juvederm, and the look of youth is revived.

Collagen bar therapy also expands the useful life of the filler by a considerable amount of time.

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