Labiaplasty is a sensitive topic, especially when it becomes politicized. More often than you’d expect in a sophisticated, educated society, women who visit our practice say they’ve been told undergoing labiaplasty or other cosmetic vagina procedures in Long Island is a form of “genital mutilation.” Sometimes, they receive this opinion (we won’t use the term “information”) from their own personal physician or even their gynecologist.

Our response is that an unbiased report in a national medical publication (The Journal of Sexual Medicine) found 90% of women who undergo elective labiaplasty are “very satisfied” with the results. They report increased self-confidence based on the appearance of their reshaped vaginas, and, more important, freedom from pain when exercising. Not to mention highly satisfying sex lives!

Choosing a Surgeon

Women have a number of options when choosing a cosmetic vagina surgeon in Long Island, but we encourage you to do your research. Search online and seek out friends who’ve had this procedure performed. More than one will probably mention the name of Dr. Edward Jacobson. Every day patients with many surgical options travel from Europe, LA and cities/towns across the nation to have labiaplasty procedures performed by Dr. Jacobson in his Greenwich, Ct office. Visit the gallery on his website to see the amazing results of his work and read a few of the letters from satisfied patients who believe this procedure has had a tremendously positive impact on their lives. Mutilation? “Enriched” is more like it.