Some women may have difficulty achieving orgasm on occasion. However, if you are fully aroused during sex and seldom or never attain orgasm, there are medications and devices that can help. Speak with a gynecologist about female sexual enhancement in Greenwich.

A pelvic examination and testing is conducted to make sure there are no medical conditions affecting your ability to attain orgasm. If there are no medical issues, the right medication or device, or combination of the two, can change your sex life for the better and allow you to achieve orgasm.

Engorgement Creams

Healthy blood flow to the clitoris and labia minora is necessary for arousal and subsequent orgasm. Engorgement creams may include Viagra, best known for treating erectile dysfunction.

When compounded and applied topically, the creams cause clitoral engorgement, making arousal and orgasm likely. Some herbal engorgement creams, especially those containing L-Arginine, have similar properties. All of these creams are generally safe and effective.


Known as the “love hormone,” oxytocin is perhaps best known as the hormone released to begin labor during pregnancy and promote the bond between mother and baby. Its power goes far beyond pregnancy and birth. Oxytocin helps increase the bond between sexual partners as well as the intensity, length, and frequency of orgasms.


This personal sexual wellness device is available without a prescription. Fiera is not designed as a vibrator per se, for use by a woman alone. Instead, it is meant to enhance the bond between lovers, increasing the strength of the orgasm along the way. While not inexpensive, it is effective and also comes in a remote version.

Eros Therapy

Available only by prescription, Eros therapy is FDA-approved for the treatment of sexual dysfunction and orgasmic disorders. Eros therapy is a small device fitted with a cup for attachment to the vulva for increased blood flow. Benefits include:

  • More lubrication
  • Improvement in achieving orgasm
  • Increase in overall sexual satisfaction

Effective Vibrators

Vibrators are readily available, but all vibrators are not created equal when it comes to female sexual enhancement. Women should use a medical grade vibrator free of BPA and made by a reputable company. A gynecologist in Greenwich can recommend the best vibrator for your sexual enhancement needs.

Many menopausal women have difficulty achieving orgasm – and enjoying intercourse – because of lack of estrogen, which results in vaginal dryness. Regular use of a vibrator can restore blood flow to the vagina and help with lubrication.

While engorgement creams can also help menopausal women, and the cream may be used in conjunction with a vibrator, eventually the sessions with the vibrator may eliminate the need for the engorgement cream. For women suffering from vaginal dryness just starting out with a vibrator, it is wise to use a lubricant prior to insertion. Without the use of a lubricant, a woman may damage her vaginal tissues.

Ask Dr. Jacobson about Female Sexual Enhancement in Greenwich

If you are a woman in Greenwich experiencing difficulty attaining orgasm, call the offices of Dr. Edward Jacobson today and ask about female sexual enhancement. A skilled gynecologist can find the right method for treating your condition, allowing you to fully enjoy a sexual life.