It is not uncommon for a woman’s labia majora to stretch significantly after giving childbirth. Some women are born with a larger-than-average labia majora or one which hangs too loosely. In either case, a labia majoraplasty can help you achieve a tauter and firmer vaginal appearance.

If you are interested in this type of procedure, it is best to speak with an experienced physician who frequently conducts these surgeries and can help you make an informed decision. A Greenwich labia majoraplasty surgeon could help you decide whether this procedure will meet your specific needs and goals for your feminine health.

Benefits of a Labia Majoraplasty

Oversized or loose labium can cause a number of issues. For example, a labia majora that is larger than average can impede a woman from achieving climax during intercourse. When these folds hang too loosely, a woman may also experience discomfort when sitting or doing certain types of exercise, such as riding a bike. Women with excess labia majora volume may find themselves reaching for looser clothing, as snug apparel can be uncomfortable or make them feel embarrassed.

A labia majoraplasty can solve these issues. Besides being a considerable confidence booster, reducing excess labia majora can also enhance your sexual experience and the likelihood of achieving orgasm. During your consultation with a Greenwich surgeon, you will undergo a medical examination, discuss your concerns, and review any potential risk factors to help determine whether you are a suitable candidate for a labia majoraplasty.

During and after the Procedure

Patients are placed under a local or general anesthesia for the duration of a labia majoraplasty procedure. Usually, a surgeon in Greenwich can perform the labia majoraplasty in about an hour. During a labia majoraplasty, the surgeon will make a semi-circle incision and take out any excess tissue in the area before closing the incision with sutures.

If a woman decides to undergo another procedure in addition to the labia majoraplasty, such as a labia minoraplasty or clitoral hood reduction, the process would be longer. After the procedure is completed, you should expect to take a few days off from work to recover.

Swelling and mild discomfort around the surgical site is normal. A surgeon in Greenwich will usually advise you to abstain from sexual intercourse and intense exercise for up to two months following a labia majoraplasty. The exact recovery time depends on the individual progression of a woman’s recovery, as well as whether another procedure was performed with the procedure.

Talk with a Greenwich Labia Majoraplasty Surgeon to Learn More

A Greenwich labia majoraplasty surgeon could help you decide if this procedure is right for you. A labia majoraplasty can help you achieve a tighter, more youthful-looking labia majora and enjoy a noticeable boost in your sex life, as well as greater comfort when exercising or wearing tight clothing. To learn more about a labia majoraplasty and whether you may be a good candidate for this procedure, call today and book your consultation at our Greenwich office.