If you are considering clitoral hood reduction surgery, you likely have questions about the procedure and what your options are. Many women have turned to clitoral hood reduction surgery to enjoy greater personal comfort during activities such as exercise, as well as enhanced pleasure during sexual intercourse. A Greenwich clitoral hood reduction surgeon could discuss your concerns and your personal goals to help you determine whether this or another cosmetic vaginal procedure could be the right choice for you.

What Purpose Does the Clitoral Hood Serve?

The clitoral hood hangs over the labia and contains glands that are responsible for the secretion of sebum. This part of the female genitalia plays an integral role in a women’s pleasure during sexual intercourse.

The size of the clitoral hood varies from person to person. In some women, their clitoral hood may have a larger volume with denser tissue and impact their ability to achieve orgasm. In addition to inhibiting sexual satisfaction, an enlarged clitoral hood can also make exercising or wearing form-fitting clothes, such as leggings, uncomfortable. A woman with a larger clitoral hood may feel self-conscious about wearing certain clothes for fear of excess volume creating an unsightly bulge.

You should speak with a Greenwich surgeon about reducing the volume of your clitoral hood if you are experiencing any of these adverse effects. After surgery, the decreased volume of the clitoral hood can promote heightened arousal and sexual gratification. Besides the sexual benefits that can be experienced following a clitoral hood reduction in Greenwich, you can also enjoy increased comfort when wearing form-fitting clothes.

The Procedure

There are several techniques that can be used to perform a clitoral hood reduction. One of the most common involves removing extra skin parallel to the clitoris. A clitoral hood reduction can also be performed in tandem with a labiaplasty, which involves reducing uneven or excess volume in the labia minora. Additionally, a clitoral hood reduction may be performed under either a general or local anesthesia.

Recovery from Clitoral Hood Reduction Surgery

The duration of a woman’s recovery period following clitoral hood reduction surgery depends on a variety of factors, including whether she has undergone multiple procedures. A surgeon in Greenwich would advise you of any specific restrictions you should adhere to in the weeks following your clitoral hood reduction surgery. It is typically advised that a woman abstains from strenuous exercise and sexual intercourse for four to six weeks after the procedure.

Contact a Greenwich Clitoral Hood Reduction Surgeon Today

The decision to get a clitoral hood reduction is an important one, so it is vital that you speak with a qualified surgeon who frequently performs these procedures. A Greenwich clitoral hood reduction surgeon could explain the process in detail and discuss any concerns you may have.

There are many benefits and some contraindications to keep in mind when considering this procedure. To find out whether a clitoral hood reduction could help you achieve the aesthetic results you desire, contact our office and book your consultation with Dr. Edward Jacobson today.