Collagen is an essential protein in the human body that promotes elasticity in the skin and overall skin health. A prominent side effect of aging is that the body tends to lose much of its natural collagen over time. When this happens, you may not only notice an increase in wrinkles and fine lines, but difficulty achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Greenwich collagen bar treatment for fat removal utilizes non-invasive and lasting therapies to gently lift and sculpt the body. This treatment involves zero recovery time and is safe for sensitive skin. If you would like to discover more about collagen bar treatment, you should speak with a skilled doctor.

The Role of Collagen in the Skin

When a woman ages, it is common for cellulite to increase as her skin loses some of its natural collagen and becomes thinner. Collagen comprises almost three-quarters of human skin. When the body starts producing insufficient quantities of collagen, the loss of skin resilience and density can make fat stores beneath the dermis more apparent.

One of the major benefits of collagen bar treatment for fat removal in Greenwich is the use of radiofrequency and transdermal technologies to smooth, sculpt, and refine the skin’s appearance. By providing the skin with the collagen it needs to combat a loss of elasticity and increased cellulite, your complexion will experience a natural shrinking effect.

How Collagen Bar Treatment Works

The first part of Greenwich collagen bar treatment for removing fat involves DEP or Dermoelectroporation® therapy, which unblocks water passages beneath the dermis so the skin can absorb and process the collagen. This can treat a wide range of skin complaints stemming from collagen loss by plumping and smoothing the skin.

Many Greenwich patients seeking collagen bar treatment for fat removal complain that their skin is simply not as taut as it once was and hangs too loosely. Dr. Edward Jacobson may also recommend a secondary treatment called Forma™, which uses radio waves to enhance natural collagen growth for visibly firmer skin. Collagen bar treatment can be incredibly effective when used on all areas of the body, including the face and neck.

Another collagen bar therapy that you can choose for fat removal is known as Body X and can be used to access and reduce fat stores that have accumulated beneath the skin. Body X utilizes safe and non-invasive radio waves to get at stubborn fat stores and achieve a more youthful, firmer appearance. A Greenwich doctor could talk with you about your aesthetic goals to identify the most effective combination of therapies to achieve your desired outcome.

Consult with a Greenwich Doctor about Collagen Bar Treatment for Fat Removal

Greenwich collagen bar treatment for fat removal is a safe and non-invasive therapy that targets unwanted fat stores to help you increase the firmness and elasticity of your skin. By reinstating your skin’s natural collagen stores, you can enjoy a more youthful and contoured appearance while diminishing cellulite and other effects of aging. To discuss collagen bar treatment for fat removal with a professional, contact our Greenwich office today and book your introductory consultation.