Collagen bar treatments tighten and hydrate skin, making it appear younger and firmer. In addition, collagen bar treatments can plump up scars and wrinkles, smooth facial lines, and lift sunken areas. Other collagen bar treatments provide non-invasive fat removal for body shaping.

Because treatment options are relatively safe, most people are good candidates for collagen bar treatments in Greenwich. Even those few who are not currently good candidates for collagen bar treatments often become suitable candidates once they recover from particular conditions or illnesses. Speaking with a compassionate doctor about your treatment options could be beneficial to your overall health.

Good Candidates for Collagen Bar Treatments

A good candidate for collagen bar treatments is, in essence, a healthy person, regardless of skin tone or type. Besides those who simply want a younger, more radiant complexion, collagen bar treatment can help those whose skin has been damaged by the sun or pitted by acne.

Most types of scarring can be addressed with collagen bar treatment — even older scars such as stretch marks from pregnancy and childbirth. Those who use dermal fillers are also good candidates for collagen bar treatments in Greenwich, as these treatments complement fillers and can extend their durability.

If a woman is on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, collagen bar treatments can be especially effective, making her look as youthful on the outside as she feels on the inside. There is no downtime with collagen bar treatments, so patients do not have to worry about staying home from work or avoiding regular activities for even a day.

Non-Candidates for Collagen Bar Treatments

While collagen bar treatment is safe and has few side effects, certain people should consult with a doctor about whether therapy would be beneficial for them, at least while they are experiencing certain conditions. For instance, women who are pregnant or nursing should not undergo collagen bar treatments.

Anyone undergoing chemotherapy or some form of immune therapy should not receive collagen treatments, nor should those battling cancer or HIV/AIDS. Those who have recently undergone surgery should wait at least six months before making an appointment, primarily based on the time-frame for scar healing. Patients taking steroid medications, such as prednisone, should also consult with a physician before receiving collagen treatments.

Common Symptoms for Potential Patients

Anyone suffering from an infection, open lesions, or other types of skin disease should wait until they have recovered, and anyone on a course of antibiotic treatment should wait until therapy is completed. In the same vein, a person with a recent sunburn must wait until it has healed, and anyone who has recently undergone a chemical peel or laser resurfacing must also postpone treatment. Other contraindications for collagen bar therapy include uncontrolled diabetes or high blood pressure, or lupus sufferers.

Patients must tell their doctors about medications — either prescription or over-the-counter — that they are currently taking prior to becoming a candidate for collagen bar treatments in Greenwich. The doctor would also conduct a skin test to ensure a patient is not allergic to the therapy.

Discuss Your Candidacy for Collagen Bar Treatments in Greenwich with Dr. Jacobson

Once you receive collagen bar treatments, you should notice immediate results, but most patients get the best results through several sessions over a period of about six weeks. Keep your skin and body looking great with follow-up treatments every three to six months. If you are a good candidate for collagen bar treatments in Greenwich and would like to know more about them, call the office of Dr. Edward Jacobson today and arrange a consultation.