A vaginoplasty is a form of cosmetic vaginal procedure that enables a patient to regain a youthful appearance and feeling. The procedure involves the removal of excess tissue in the vagina lining as well as restoring muscular firmness.

Many women choose to have a vaginoplasty after giving birth to enjoy heightened sexual gratification and regain vaginal tightness. A Fairfield County vaginoplasty surgeon would be able to provide helpful guidance if you are considering this type of procedure.

Procedural Overview

Aging and childbirth are just a few factors that can adversely impact the vaginal canal. A loose vaginal canal could result in a loss of sensation, which may ultimately lead to diminished enjoyment during sexual intimacy.

A vaginoplasty is a type of surgical procedure that involves bringing separated muscles together to enhance tone and eliminate excess skin. During surgery, a patient could be put under a local or general anesthesia. A Fairfield County surgeon would mark the tissue to be removed, make the required incisions, tighten vaginal muscles as needed, and finish the vaginoplasty by suturing the site.

What Can Patients Expect while Recovering from Surgery?

Patients may experience deep aches and pain during the days immediately following the procedure, although it should fade with time. Two weeks of rest and time off work are recommended for patients recovering from vaginoplasty surgery.

It is also advisable to avoid sexual intercourse and refrain from using a tampon for approximately eight weeks after undergoing a vaginoplasty. A physician may recommend using a dilator.

Reasons to Have a Vaginoplasty

A surgeon in Fairfield County could advise a patient who is considering a vaginoplasty on the various treatment options available and help them make the right decision for their specific needs. A vaginoplasty may be a viable option for patients experiencing any of the following conditions:

  • A loosening or lax vagina
  • Damage to the vagina (i.e. childbirth, cancer, congenital disease)
  • Decreased sexual satisfaction
  • Reduced comfort during sex
  • Insecurity about the aesthetic appearance of the vagina

What are the Advantages of a Fairfield County Vaginoplasty?

Following a vaginoplasty procedure, a patient may enjoy a wide range of benefits associated with aesthetic rejuvenation. For example, a noticeable increase in sexual satisfaction as well as the restoration of the youthful look and feel of the vagina are just some of the benefits associated with undergoing vaginoplasty surgery in Fairfield County.

Additionally, a vaginoplasty procedure may also be performed in tandem with a labiaplasty, which is a surgery for reducing the labia’s shape or size. A woman could choose to undergo a labiaplasty with a vaginoplasty for either cosmetic or practical reasons.

Non-Invasive Alternatives

Women who are experiencing vaginal laxity but prefer a non-invasive option may wish to consider radiofrequency-based forms of vaginal rejuvenation. These treatments enhance collagen production to both tighten the vaginal canal and thicken vaginal tissues. A stronger pelvic floor and an increase in moisture production are also benefits a patient may experience from this type of vaginal rejuvenation.

Consult with a Fairfield County Vaginoplasty Surgeon Today

If you are struggling with diminished sexual satisfaction or continual vaginal dryness, a vaginoplasty procedure could help you achieve considerable improvement. A board-certified Fairfield County vaginoplasty surgeon could help you determine the right procedure to look and feel your absolute best. Schedule a confidential, personal consultation with Dr. Edward Jacobson today.