Sagging and laxity occur all over the body due to aging, and the vagina is no exception. If you have given birth vaginally, your vagina is even more likely to become loose over time, potentially making having sex less pleasurable—and the more children you have, the worse the problem may become.

Fortunately, vaginoplasty can rejuvenate your most intimate area, as well as help resolve issues such as urinary incontinence. If this procedure is right for you, a Darien vaginoplasty surgeon could help restore your vaginal health and improve your sexual confidence. Consult Dr. Edward Jacobson to start discussing your potential medical options involving cosmetic vaginal procedures.

Vaginal Laxity Causes

While childbirth is a major cause of vaginal laxity, it is not the only one. Aging is also a significant contributor to vaginal laxity, especially after menopause due to the loss of estrogen. This may also be true for women who have had hysterectomies with ovarian removal.

Women who lose substantial amounts of weight may find their vagina has also become looser, but a vaginoplasty could help restore tightness. Women who have experienced vaginal trauma may likewise benefit from vaginoplasty.

What is Vaginoplasty?

Also known as vaginal rejuvenation, a vaginoplasty tightens the vagina and improves the muscle tone lost from giving birth or aging. During the roughly two-hour procedure, which requires general anesthesia, the surgeon shortens stretched-out tissues and moves pelvic floor muscles while removing excess skin. The typical result is a tighter and narrower vagina with minimal scarring from the surgery.

Procedures Down in Conjunction with Vaginoplasty

Many women seek additional vaginal rejuvenation procedures, and many of these are done at the same time as the vaginoplasty. Such procedures may include:

These procedures can make the vulva more aesthetically appealing, along with improving sensation during intercourse. However, as a matter of practicality, vaginal rejuvenation surgeries are usually best for women who have completed their families. That does not mean they cannot physically become pregnant again, but subsequent pregnancies could erase the effects of such surgery if the child is delivered naturally.

Vaginoplasty Recovery and Risks

A woman should expect to take a week off from work while recovering from a vaginoplasty surgery. After the surgery, some swelling and pain may occur. The doctor should prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection as well as short-term pain medications, and regular use of ice packs could help keep swelling to a minimum.

Patients must wait at least six weeks before resuming sexual intercourse or any other sort of strenuous activity. During that time, nothing must enter the vagina, including tampons. It is also important to avoid immersing the body in water, whether that is a bathtub, swimming pool, or hot tub.

While vaginoplasty is a relatively safe procedure, any type of surgery involves some risk. For vaginoplasty, these risk factors may include:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Nerve damage
  • Scarring

Contact a Darien Vaginoplasty Surgeon

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