For many women, reproductive health is a major priority regardless of their age. Childbirth, aging, weight loss, and any type of trauma may impact a woman’s reproductive health. As a result, some women may want to consider speaking with a dedicated Darien vaginal rejuvenation surgeon.

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Why Pursue Vaginal Rejuvenation?

As women age, and especially after they give birth, their vaginas may loosen significantly. This increased laxity can affect a woman’s sexual sensitivity and may make intercourse less satisfying for both partners. Although there are various components to vaginal rejuvenation, including improved aesthetics, for many women the most critical effect of these kinds of procedures is vaginal tightening.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures

Vaginal rejuvenation consists of several procedures, which may be performed alone or in conjunction with one another. Some procedures require general anesthesia, while in others the patient may choose between general and local anesthesia.


Vaginoplasty is perhaps the best-known vaginal rejuvenation procedure. With vaginoplasty, the surgeon tightens the vagina itself, along with its nearby muscles and soft tissues. Once recovered, the woman should experience more friction during intercourse, leading to greater sexual satisfaction.


Women who do not like the size of their labia can have their vulvar lips shortened via labiaplasty. A procedure often performed at the same time as a labiaplasty is clitoral hood reduction. Once a labiaplasty is performed, it may cause the clitoral hood to appear out of proportion, but a surgical reduction removes the excess tissue, allowing for better symmetry and overall appearance.


Women who had episiotomies during childbirth may want a perineoplasty. This procedure, often done alongside vaginoplasty, concerns the perineum, the area between the vagina and anus.

During childbirth, the doctor may cut the perineum—a procedure known as the episiotomy—to widen the vaginal opening so that the baby has an easier time entering the world. Unfortunately, this cutting may lead to loss of sensation and a loosened vagina.

During the perineoplasty, the surgeon removes tissue in the vagina and greater vulva area and moves certain muscles closer to the perineal midline, thus raising the pelvic floor and perineum. If there is scar tissue left over from the episiotomy, it is generally removed.

Important Considerations

While women often undergo vaginal rejuvenation to improve their sex lives, there is at least a six-week waiting period during recuperation before they can resume vaginal intercourse. The surgeon must examine each individual patient and let her know when she has healed sufficiently to have sex.

Most women are potential candidates for vaginal rejuvenation, but they should generally have completed their families before pursuing such surgeries. A woman can still get pregnant after undergoing vaginal rejuvenation, but a vaginal birth would undo the effects of the surgery.

Of course, not all pregnancies are planned, and if a woman does get pregnant after a vaginal rejuvenation, she can undergo vaginal rejuvenation procedures again. Women who are currently pregnant are not vaginal rejuvenation candidates and must wait until after they have given birth and heal to receive treatment.

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