An enlarged labia can present a woman with many issues, ranging from a lack of confidence to significant physical discomfort. Fortunately, there is a medical procedure called a labiaplasty which could help address those concerns.

A labiaplasty surgeon in Darien could reduce the size of your labia through minimally invasive surgery and give your intimate area the appearance you desire. Call today and schedule an appointment to begin reviewing your potential medical options surrounding cosmetic vaginal procedures.

The Labia

The labia consist of the labia minora and labia majora. The labia majora, which translates literally to “large lips,” have the purpose of protecting the vulva, while the labia minora—or “small lips”—are found within the labia majora. While the labia majora’s skin is akin to that found everywhere else on the body, that is not the case with the labia minora, the lining of which is a mucous membrane.

Ideally, the labia minora do not hang below the labia majora, but that is not the situation with many women. Some women may have unusually large labia from birth, or the labia might enlarge after childbirth or simply as a result of aging. Either way, an enlarged labia can cause pain and irritation and may even interfere with intercourse.

Labiaplasty Procedure

The purpose of a labiaplasty is to shorten the labia minora to achieve a better look aesthetically, but it is also a practical surgery for women dealing with physical issues deriving from labial enlargement. The procedure is relatively straightforward: the surgeon trims the excess labial tissue and then closes the incision.

The patient may choose general or local anesthesia, and the entire procedure takes about 45 minutes to one hour. Some women may want to have additional vaginal rejuvenation procedures performed at the same time as the labiaplasty, such as a vaginoplasty or clitoral hood reduction.

Recovery and Results from Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty patients should expect to take a week off work and from any strenuous activities after receiving this surgery. The area is typically swollen for about six weeks, so women should not engage in vaginal intercourse during the recovery period.

Furthermore, when a woman experiences a menstrual cycle during her recuperation, she must use a sanitary pad rather than a tampon or cup. Nothing should enter the vagina until a woman is fully healed from the surgery.

Once a woman recovers from her labiaplasty, she should find that her labia are symmetrical and any problems she had with embarrassment over her physical appearance or discomfort during movement have been resolved. Many women find their sex lives improving significantly after labiaplasty, because the labia no longer experience irritation during intercourse.

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