You may have heard about various benefits of estrogen – libido restoration, elimination of hot flashes and night sweats – but you want to know the bottom line. Will estrogen supplementation keep lines and wrinkles at bay and allow your skin to age better? The answer is a definite yes.

At menopause, the body loses its primary source of estrogen and wrinkling and loss of elasticity accelerates. Connecticut estrogen therapy for aging skin helps turn back the clock, allowing you to look as good as you feel. For best results, it is best to begin estrogen therapy during your first post-menopausal years.

Estrogen and Skin Health

After menopause, skin thickness declines by approximately 1 percent annually for the initial five years. Collagen, the building block for healthy skin, declines by 2 percent each year. You might notice your face is more wrinkled than skin on other parts of the body.

The face contains more estrogen receptors than other areas, so the lack of estrogen becomes particularly noticeable. Connecticut estrogen therapy preserves skin health in post-menopausal women in numerous ways. These include:

  • Preventing collagen decrease
  • Maintaining skin firmness and thickness
  • Increasing blood flow
  • Improving skin hydration and relieving dryness

After menopause, women often experience dermal redness and inflammation. This is generally the time of life when skin conditions such as rosacea flare up. Estrogen, with its anti-inflammatory properties, stops or heals these skin issues.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Your Complexion

Bioidentical hormone therapy, with estrogens derived from plant extracts, aids in keeping your complexion youthful. Unlike the conjugated equine estrogens – derived from pregnant mares’ urine – found in standard estrogen therapy, these plant hormones are molecularly identical to the hormones produced by your own body.

These natural estrogens do not increase the risk of breast cancer or cardiovascular disease, which is not the case with conventional estrogen therapy. They also work faster than standard hormone replacement therapy to improve skin health and reduce wrinkling.

How Diet, Exercise, and Proper Skincare Can Improve the Impact of HRT

Skin health requires a holistic approach. In addition to estrogen therapy, it is critical that Connecticut patients follow a diet and exercise regimen to achieve maximum anti-aging benefits for the skin. While estrogen remains an important factor in retaining a youthful appearance, environmental influences also play a role in the way your complexion looks.

That means avoiding the sun in the heat of the day and always using sunscreen to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays. The doctor may recommend nutritional supplements and topical anti-aging creams and serums to keep your skin in top condition.

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Aging is a natural part of life, so why not address it with a natural remedy? Connecticut estrogen therapy for aginig skin can help slow down the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. If you want to know more about how estrogen and bioidentical hormone therapy can help your skin remain firm and less prone to lines and wrinkles, call the offices of Dr. Edward Jacobson today and arrange a consultation. A qualified doctor can help you age gracefully.