Deciding to undergo vaginal rejuvenation surgery is a deeply personal decision. For many women, choosing to have the surgery is easier than choosing the right surgeon to perform it.

Finding a surgeon with the right training and experience – and one that you can trust – is essential.

Finding a Surgeon You’re Comfortable Talking To

The first step toward finding the right surgeon is to schedule an initial consultation. Before your appointment, write down all or your questions. You’ll at least want to ask:

  • What training do you have in vaginoplasty and other gynecological cosmetic procedures?
  • How many vaginal rejuvenation procedures have you performed?
  • What tools will you use? Laser, scalpel, radiofrequency or a combination?
  • How long should my surgery take, and how long is the healing period?

You may already know the answers to some of your questions. Ask them anyway. This process will help determine how well you and your surgeon communicate.

Trust Your Gut

You need to be certain you are comfortable sharing intimate details of your anatomy and lifestyle with your vaginoplasty surgeon. No matter how skilled or well-trained a physician may be, if you don’t have good rapport, you’re could be uncomfortable about some aspects of the process.

Remember, you’re looking at several weeks of interaction, from pre-operative exams though the full progression of post-op care and healing.

You Have Choices

Many women find that it’s best to trust the recommendations of friends and family when they’re choosing a vaginal rejuvenation surgeon. However, asking friends and family for recommendations is also very personal, and many women feel uncomfortable doing so.

Please take a few moments to read what our patients are saying about working with us – you may find it enlightening and helpful.