Every woman’s labia are different. Some are pink while others have a darker pigmentation. Some are symmetrical while others can be of different sizes and shapes. Some women’s labia minora protrude from the outer lips while other women may have inner labia that are not visible outside the labia majora.

In a small subset of women, one or both inner labia are excessively large, long or drooping. It can cause physical or emotional discomfort during certain activities or when wearing tight clothing, leading to the need for a Connecticut labia minora reduction surgeon. An experienced labiaplasty surgeon can help by laying out the medical options and procedures available and ensuring those impacted know what to expect.

Physical Discomfort or Pain

If your large inner labia cause you discomfort, you’re not alone. A growing number of women are seeking surgical treatment to reduce the size of their labia minora. It’s impossible to know how many more are suffering in silence. Inner labia that protrude more than average can be a nuisance causing soreness in certain situations.

  • During exercise
  • During sexual activity
  • When wearing tight clothing or swimwear
  • When sitting for long periods

Some women with larger-than-average labia minora also report frequent vaginal bacterial or yeast infections. Under these circumstances, a Connecticut labia minora reduction surgeon may be right for you.

Emotional Distress

Emotional discomfort is just as undesirable as physical pain. You deserve to feel comfortable with your body. If embarrassment about your large inner labia causes either you to avoid sexual contact— with new partners or within a committed relationship— that’s not fair to you.

Many women who are, for whatever reason, uncomfortable with the look or function of their labia minora may not be aware that help is available. A skilled, specially trained labia minora reduction surgeon in Connecticut can trim away excess tissue and artfully suture the edges together, resulting in a neater appearance and relief from the discomfort associated with hanging labia.

Average Size for Inner Labia

Some women’s labia minora barely protrude from between the labia majora, or outer lips. In other women, one or both inner labia may hang as much as two to three inches outside the rest of the vulva. The average range of protrusion is approximately one-quarter inch to one and a half inches.

Labia minora that are longer or broader are, in most cases, still normal—they are simply outside the average range.

Labia Minora Reduction Surgery

If you’re considering labiaplasty, it may be wiser to consider whether you’re comfortable with the size and appearance of your inner labia, rather than whether they are “normal.” If you aren’t happy with your large inner labia, there’s nothing wrong with considering having them reduced in size.

Your physical and emotional comfort is what matters. To learn more or discuss whether surgery is right for you, consult with a Connecticut labia minora reduction surgeon today.