Skim firmness is important for every part of the body, including intimate areas. Loss of tone in the labia, or the vulvar lips, may affect the genital appearance and could cause uncomfortable sensitivity during intercourse.

Sex is not the only reason to consider labial fillers. The procedure could make wearing certain types of clothing more comfortable and allow more freedom when performing some exercises. A Connecticut labial fillers treatment doctor could talk you through your options. Speak to an accomplished labia majoraplasty surgeon for help restoring your labia so that they appear fuller and more toned.

Labial Changes

After childbirth or simply due to the aging process, the labia may become lax. Women who lose a great deal of weight may also find their labia have become smaller. Very thin women may have labia with little volume.

These labial changes may prove more than aesthetic in nature. Sex may become painful since firm labia could protect the genitals from too much friction during intercourse. Loose labia may also affect vulvar skin, making it drier. This might also lead to discomfort during sex.

The labia may also appear noticeably asymmetric. Labial fillers treatment in Connecticut could help to correct uneven appearance and could function as a corrective measure for other health issues.

Filler Procedures

When the labia majora lose tone, the labia minora typically becomes more prominent. The labia starts sagging and may look old. The labial filler treatment procedure in Connecticut, or labia puffing, involves the injection of dermal fillers to increase size and volume. These fillers are the same ones used for plumping up lines and wrinkles on the face.

Labial fillers may be an option for women considering labiaplasty who do not want to go through a surgical procedure and related recovery time. Several types of labial fillers may be available. Hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the body, is among the more popular choices, as it may have the ability to attract water within the body and could lead to plumpness. As with injections for lines for wrinkles, the entire procedure typically takes 15 minutes or less.

Fat Grafting

A somewhat more involved but still non-surgical labial filler procedure consists of fat grafting. The doctor collects fat from the abdomen or thigh, has it cleaned, and then injects it into the labia majora. The injection plumps up the labia, and because it is taken from the woman’s own body, the body should not reject it. The result could be a very natural look.

Recovery Following a Medical Procedure

Labial fillers do not require any downtime. A woman could have the injections done on her lunch hour and head right back to work. Right after the procedure, the labia may swell significantly, but this is not how large the labia will remain.

Once the swelling goes down, the labia will appear larger than they were prior to receiving dermal fillers. Expect the results of labial fillers to last from one to two years. Fat grafting usually lasts longer than hyaluronic acid fillers.

There are few complications or side effects with these simple, non-invasive procedures, other than some initial swelling and occasionally some temporary bruising. Women who are pregnant or nursing may be recommended to avoid having labial filler treatment done until they have given birth or weaned the baby.

Learn More About Labial Fillers Treatment in Connecticut

If you are interested in a Connecticut labial fillers treatment and how it could improve the appearance of your labia, call Dr. Edward Jacobson today. Through a private consultation in his Greenwich home office, Dr. Jacobson could answer all your questions and help determine the best type of labial filler for your needs.