More women than ever before choose to have labiaplasty surgery, which reshapes the inner vaginal lips. While labiaplasty is becoming more common, it may not be the right cosmetic vagina procedure for you.

Every woman’s body is different, and you may need a procedure that repairs or rejuvenates your labia majora, the large outer lips at the vaginal entrance. If your outer labia causes you discomfort, either because of the way that your clothing fits or because you are unhappy with your appearance, consult with a Connecticut labia majoraplasty surgeon to discuss whether this procedure may be right for you.

Changes in a Woman’s Labia Majora

The labia majora can lose their firm and well-defined appearance for many reasons, including:

  • Weight loss
  • Childbirth
  • Aging
  • Genetic factors
  • Other issues

Any of these factors can cause the supporting connective tissue below the skin’s surface to loosen. Even the skin itself can lose elasticity.

The result can be droopy, sagging labia that are aesthetically unpleasant; many women suffer from physical and psychological discomfort because they are unhappy with the way their labia looks. That can lead to a negative self-image, particularly when coupled with the fact that any sagging body part serves as a constant reminder of the aging process.

Considering a Labia Majora Reduction

Your outer labia may be visually displeasing to you due to genetics, age, childbirth or a combination of factors. You may dislike the look of your labia majora if they are overly large or puffy, or if they droop, sag, or don’t appear smooth enough.

In some cases, large outer labia may make you physically uncomfortable in swimwear or other tight clothing. You may also have discomfort when sitting for long periods or when riding a bicycle. In other cases, embarrassing “camel toe” show-through in some clothing may cause emotional distress, which is no less unpleasant than physical discomfort.

Treatment Options

Physicians and surgeons have invented a number of treatment options for oversized or sagging labia majora, but not all are equally effective.

In some cases, a Connecticut labia majora surgeon may move fatty tissue from one part of the body to the labia majora, producing a fuller and more youthful appearance. Sometimes, doctors use synthetic fillers such as Sculptra® instead. While injections and fillers can produce good results, they are only temporary (and often expensive) solutions.

More recently, the use of radiofrequency laser devices to shrink the underlying connective tissue and tighten the skin have gained popularity. They are non-surgical procedures and can be extremely effective in the reduction of sagittal diameter for improved sexual enhancement. Their only drawback is in the cost and duration of effectiveness, which is only one year, and their application needs to be repeated periodically. They are not a permanent solution. Labia majoraplasty (also called labia majora reduction or large labia reduction) is the only permanent solution.

Reduction and Rejuvenation

When conducting a labia majoraplasty, a Connecticut surgeon will remove the excess skin along with some of the underlying tissue that has lost its elasticity. The remaining connective tissues will then be made firm and resculpted using specialized surgical techniques. Once this is complete, the edges of the skin will be rejoined using fine, dissolving sutures, resulting in a fuller, smoother, and more youthful appearance.

Depending on the individual preferences and needs of those receiving surgery, this type of procedure can be performed in conjunction with other types of cosmetic surgeries or performed alone. Generally, on its own with a trained and skilled labia marjora surgeon, this outpatient procedure takes just over an hour to complete.

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