Most women have a thin piece of tissue covering part of the opening to their vagina prior to having sexual intercourse for the first time. This membrane is usually torn during the first intercourse, but may alternatively rupture during other activities like riding a bike, playing certain sports, or even simply using a tampon.

Since some cultures and religions place a high degree of importance on virginity and the intact hymen that symbolizes it, some women may turn to a special surgical procedure known as a hymenoplasty to restore the appearance and function of the hymen as if it were never torn in the first place. If you are wondering if you are a hymenoplasty candidate in Connecticut, Dr. Edward Jacobson could help you review your options. An accomplished medical professional could help you determine whether this procedure is a good move.

Who is a Good Hymenoplasty Candidate?

A hymenoplasty is a simple surgery that could mean a lot to certain women. Connecticut residents may be candidates for hymenoplasty if they have a desire to have their hymen intact again for nearly any reason, the most common of which being restored physical virginity.

To have reconstructive surgery on their hymen, women must typically be in good health and at least 18 years of age. Minors could have a parent or legal guardian give written consent for the procedure. Women who have genital cancers or venereal diseases are typically not eligible for this surgery.

Hymen Reconstruction Surgery

Hymenoplasty candidates in Connecticut could have the procedure done in local hospitals or in outpatient surgery centers. Most women are only placed under general anesthesia during their surgery since this procedure could take less than 30 minutes to complete.

Whenever possible, the remains of the actual hymen are used to reconstruct a new one. This type of tissue grows quickly, and in some women, it may even have restored blood flow after the surgery. In other situations, tissue from another part of the patient’s body is utilized.

Healing after Hymenoplasty

Patients may be able to return home a couple of hours after their surgery, barring any complications. They may be instructed to rest and not participate in vigorous activities for approximately one week to help with the recovery. Over-the-counter and prescription medications, as well as traditional ice and compression could help reduce any pain and swelling the patient experiences.

For most women who follow the instructions of their care providers, their reconstructed hymen typically remains intact until they have sexual intercourse. While they could expect to return to work in three to four days if all goes as planned, complete healing may take between four and six weeks.

Getting More Information About Becoming a Hymenoplasty Candidate in Connecticut

No matter your reason for wondering if you are a Connecticut hymenoplasty candidate, an experienced doctor may be able to help you. To get started, schedule a pre-operative consultation with Dr. Edward Jacobson today. You could discuss your reasons for wanting a hymenoplasty and any specific requests at this time.

Dr. Jacobson could also inform you of the benefits and risks of this surgery in greater detail. You will also have an opportunity to ask any questions about restorative hymen surgery. Call today to set up a private meeting and get started exploring your options.