Broadly speaking, hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to reconstruct/repair the ringlike membrane (hymen) that partially covers the vaginal opening. Besides a woman’s first sexual experience, other activities that might damage the hymen include rigorous sports and exercises such as horseback riding and gymnastics. Fortunately, a cosmetic vagina procedure called a hymenoplasty performed by a Connecticut Hymenoplasty surgeon can repair a torn hymen.

Benefits of Hymen Repair

Women elect to undergo this surgical procedure for various reasons. To start with, one can undergo hymen repair for cultural or religious reasons. For instance, in some cultures, women undergo physical examination to ensure that they have not had sexual intercourse before marriage. Secondly, a woman may opt for this procedure to please her partner. Thirdly, hymenoplasty may help women who have experienced sexual assault, such as rape and incest, to heal.

How Hymen Repair Works

To repair a torn hymen, a surgeon generally stitches the edges of the remaining hymen membrane together. This allows the hymen’s tissue to grow back together and ultimately take on the form of the original one. Furthermore, this stitching can tighten the vaginal walls to give a woman a complete “virginal” feel and look. If a patient does not have any remnants of the hymen, a hymenoplasty surgeon in Connecticut can use an implantable one.

Reconstructive Vs. Cosmetic

It is important to note that a woman can undergo either hymen reconstruction or cosmetic hymenoplasty in Connecticut. For the former, the aim is to repair damage that a woman may have sustained during a sexual assault and this may be necessary for girls that have experienced child abuse. On the other hand, the latter is purely for aesthetic reasons.

Costs of Hymen Reconstruction

In general, the cost of surgery to repair the hymen varies from one surgeon to the other. In addition, factors such as complexity of hymen reconstruction and additional medical fees can have a huge impact on the total cost. With this in mind, prices generally range anywhere from $1,500 to $8,000. In most cases, health insurers do not provide coverage for a Connecticut hymenoplasty surgeon because they consider it an elective surgical procedure.


This surgical procedure generally takes anywhere from two to three hours under local anesthesia. After surgery, the patient may experience swelling and minor discomfort in the groin area. For this reason, the patient should avoid certain activities immediately after the surgery including sexual intercourse and lifting heavy objects or strenuous housework. Finally, the patient should keep the vaginal area clean at all times. Since the postoperative care is often minimal, the surgery is unlikely to disrupt a patient’s life significantly. In fact, a patient can return to her normal routine almost immediately after surgery.

Choosing Your Surgeon

Of course, you should tread carefully when choosing a surgeon to perform this procedure. Therefore, ensure your Connecticut hymenoplasty surgeon has certification from respectable bodies such as the American Society for Plastic Surgery or the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. What’s more, find out where the surgeon will perform the procedure. To be on the safe side, go for a state accredited facility or hospital. Finally, find out if your surgeon provides follow-up care should you develop complications.

Overall, the state of a woman’s genital can affect how she relates to her spouse or partner. One way of improving one’s sexual satisfaction and self-esteem is by undergoing hymenoplasty.