Greenwich, CT collagen therapy Aging causes the loss of collagen, resulting in wrinkles, sagging skin, fine lines, loss of tone and elasticity. Over time your skin loses its youthful appearance. Estrogen is the primary female hormone which sustains collagen. About the time of menopause collagen loss becomes more evident as estrogen production wanes. Estrogen replacement therapy has a major beneficial impact on collagen production but not everyone is comfortable taking estrogen.

With the reduction of estrogen accompanying menopause there is a significant loss of collagen under the surface of the skin. This results in wrinkle formation, sagging and general aging effects brought on by loss of turgor and tone. However, Connecticut collagen replacement therapy or other types of hormone replacement therapy can restore these effects of aging to a substantial degree. But the addition of collagen from outside the body greatly enhances skin beauty and counteracts wrinkle formation.

Applying collagen tightens the skin’s surface, and along with hyaluronic acid, adds moisture and provides temporary firmness. For more information visit or schedule a consultation today.

Issues With Collagen Products

Innumerable skin care products have been formulated using collagen, but for the most part success has been lackluster. Collagen products of various strengths are available in hundreds of over the counter products which only superficially address the deficiency.

Natural collagen is a large molecule that is unable to penetrate the surface of the skin to be where it normally belongs.  True, it hydrates and provides a transient tightening effect on the surface, but that is about all.  The challenge has been to deliver collagen beneath the surface of the skin. It can’t be taken systemically i.e., by mouth and it can’t be injected like a filler.


Connecticut collagen replacement therapy can occur in three ways. The first is by applying natural collagen to the skin. Not any collagen, but a specially formulated FDA approved product, made to order, that has the highest concentration available in the United States. Second, it is delivered through a process called electordermatoporation, or DEP therapy for short. It is a painless technology which generates a tiny electrical current that temporarily opens water channels, allowing the large collagen molecules along with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C to infuse beneath the skin surface where it is most beneficial for repair, rehydration, and rejuvenation. The addition of collagen also stimulates the production of native collagen to smooth out the skin and give it a youthful appearance.

Third, we combine DEP treatments with radiofrequency stimulation of native collagen formation using state of the art technology. Called Forma® by InMode Aesthetic Solutions, this process is painless and without swelling or downtime. After several treatment sessions with both modalities, fine lines and wrinkles are dramatically reduced or eliminated for as much as a year or longer. This unique combination of both systems can only be found in the New York metropolitan area at our Greenwich office.

The result is a painless facial performed by a licensed esthetician without redness or swelling. There is an immediate visible effect without any down time. You can maintain treatment benefits by daily application at home with the same D More Collagen Perfect Serum® and Vitamin C Whitening Cream® used with DEP therapy. They can also be used as stand alone products.

Does it work? Absolutely. My staff and I use D More Collagen for maintenance every day. Keep in mind the product and technology are being used for wound care and burn treatment to rapidly heal damaged skin, so it has quite a profound effect on healthy skin. DEP collagen treatment can be used synergistically with fillers such as Botox®, Restylane® and Juvederm®. The infusion treatments actually enhance and prolong the effects of these fillers.

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